Yesterday morning, like most Sunday mornings, I lase around the living room with a coffee in one hand and a remote in the other. It usually takes two cycles through the channels before I’d accept defeat. But yesterday, I stalled on National Geographic, and became mesmerized. It wasn’t the wilds of the African savanna, or the leaping piranhas of the Amazon. It was the clean sterile floors of the Korean apartment, and the puppies and cats that populate it. I had come across a Korea exclusive: My Pet Tv

At first, I thought of the videos I saw as a kid during one of those dreadful rerun blocks of the 90s: Full House and America’s Funniest Home Videos. Bob Saget smiling and being wholesome, and everything being very clean and rated G. Even as a child struggling on my tip toes to get the dog ears in that perfect position, I thought that show was cheesy. The videos are fine. But when there’s a vote for best video of the show, you can’t help but feel embarrassed for that guy who had to get hit in the crotch by the kid wielding a bat, and that kid is there giving the biggest smile his cheeks can afford while they replay the event.

The Kid has a blindfold. 

Up goes the piñata. 

Dad is pulling on the rope. 

Kid swings for the fences and twirls around and… And…


Mom looks proud and the sister looks worried that people might discover that the video was as canned as the laughs.

My Pet TV, has that same rated G feel except to a much grander scale. Imagine: Hello Kitty throws up My Little Pony, while Winnie the Pooh holds back her hair, or rather, her hair band. Not to knock it, seriously. My Pet TV  mesmerizes you with it’s simplicity: Dogs and cats doing stuff that looks suspiciously human. And often dressed like humans. All without Bob Saget or pretense of a “show” with canned laughs, no apparent prizes or awkward moments with a family desperately dressing their best for their thirty seconds of fame, just pets assaulting, begging, and performing tricks.

Who needs the wilds, when we have this:


Watching the wilds