Recently, I had some questions about Korean Military service – I’m working on a book related to it. Two of my friends who I often talk to about all things Korean both told me that they were blessed and didn’t have to do their military service.

Blessed. That is what they said.

I’ve heard of all kinds of stories from friends, from driving pick up trucks full of buckets of fish that they had to keep alive, to digging swimming pools with spoons. In short, Korean military service is described as the single worse experience of their lives.

And yet, every time you get together and have a few drinks, their lives in the military is what is they talk about. It’s the line between coddled children and men. Unfortunately for me, my two friends had little information for me.

So I poked around the internet and found, again, this explanation of Korean Military Service by The Koreanand he does a pretty good job of it.

In case you were wondering.

The Single Best Explanation of Korean Military Service