If you read nothing else this week, it will still be great week. I’m talking about “The Case for Psychic Distance.”

This story gently leads you into the living room a learning writer. It’s funny. Its smooth. Silky in the way that reads like so many other stories about being a writer. And just when you get the sense that the story has run out of gas, it throws you out the back window into a much bigger world with such grace and boom that it stays with you as you walk by those manicured bushes around the corner from your place, all the way to the dusty corners of your office.

Jennifer Hanno is a writer to keep tabs on for sure.

I came across it doing a bouncing around from literary mag to literary mag checking out stories for free online. Previously I check out this story from Jack Livings.

Think of it as a bite size gift you can read during your next lunch break.

The Case for Psychic Distance