Yesterday, while most of the world was talking about the passing of Robbin Williams, Korea’s first and only astronaut quit. Yi So-yeon was already on a leave of absence, to pursue her MBA in America, and I haven’t read anything that suggests that there were plans to send her up into space again. But there’s one gem of a quote that got me thinking:

“It was a decision I made after realizing that I can’t live the rest of my life talking about what I did in space for 11 days.”

So, she quit because she was bored and sick of rehashing what she already did. I imagine it became like that one bar fight story you tell again and again to your buddies while giving a manly sniff and giving a manly stare to the stuffed bull head mounted above the bar.

At a certain point people just don’t want to hear it, but how often do we keep on telling that same story again and again?

How often do we even realize that we’re bored?

Just a thought.

Aside, if you’re interested in the whole mess of how Soyeon went from an alternate to the astronaut blasted into space, check out this article about Ko San, the original Astronaut selected to be sent to space. Who might also be a spy or maybe just likes sending stuff to his mother or well, who knows.

Quit when your ahead?