So I came across this today about Hemingway:

When asked in an interview if rumors of him taking a pitcher of martinis to work every morning were true, he answered, “Jeezus Christ! Have you ever heard of anyone who drank while he worked? You’re thinking of Faulkner. He does sometimes – and I can tell right in the middle of a page when he’s had his first one. Besides, who in hell would mix more than one martini at a time?” Food Republic

It’s is nice to know that he didn’t like to drink while he was working. I always thought that myth was nuts and honestly didn’t do anything for the machismo of Big Papa. It’s also a nice poke at Faulkner since who hasn’t had to go use the toilet in the middle of one of his sentences? The first time I saw one of those three page sentences in The Sound and The Fury, I got lost. I was pretty sure that he got lost. And let’s say big papa isn’t screwing with us and Faulkner getting a few deep equaled epic sentences.

And that got me thinking, what really happens when we start drinking and writing?

Well Doctor Hans Uberass happens.

A product of beer and Joe Konrath, he created a series of shorts that pokes fun at self-publishing–and I mean come on: the name itself is great. A lesson that Konrath got from the little experiment: writing should be fun.

Drinking and writing equals Faulkner Or Uberass? Not sure, but it just might be worth a try as an experiment.

Drunk Writing Equals Faulkner?