Goals of the Ambition:

  • Write more/publish more.
    • I’ve recently gotten four different stories accepted for publication. You can check out two of them
    • Working on a novel called “Bucky” about an adopted Korean kid raised in the mobile home parks of western Washington. It’s still at the stage where I wonder if I’m polishing a turd.
  • Enter a Ph. D program for Creative Writing, preferably one where I can hang out with these guys.
    • In order to enter the program, need to pass the GRE and the GRE Literature exam.
      • This means reading and studying things I haven’t looked at since Undergrad. Sometimes cool, like learning about how absolutely nuts the Romantic Poets lives were. (Mad Bad Byron, Coleridge, Percy Shelly, Keats. Simply nuts.)
    • Do all the other paperwork
  • Teach.
    • I’m currently working at Yonsei University, with some lovely students who look at me as if I’ve got Gene Wilder hair from Young Frankenstein.
  • And there’s more.

What happens when you stack a lot of ambitions all at once? What happens when you expect that you can achieve all the things you set out to do? Well, you begin feeling like a Korean High school student.

What do they feel like? Well, watch the video above.

Day in the Life of Ambition