The All-American (April, 4, 2023)

Seventeen-year-old Bucky Yi knows nothing about his birth country of South Korea or his bio-dad’s disappearance; he can’t even pronounce his Korean name correctly. Running through the woods of rural Washington State with a tire tied to his waist, his sights are set on one all-American goal: to become a college football player.

So when a misadventure with his adoptive family leads the U.S. government to deport him to South Korea, he’s forced to navigate an entirely foreign version of his life. One mishap leads to another, and as an outsider, Bucky has to fall back on not just his raw physical strength, but resources of character and attitude he didn’t know he had.

In an expat bar in Seoul, in the bleak barracks of his Korean military, on a remote island where an erratic sergeant fights a shadow-war with North Korean spies, and in the remote town where he seeks out his drunken, indebted biological father, Bucky has to assemble the building blocks of a new language and stubbornly rebuild himself from scratch. That means managing his ego, insecurities, sexual desires, family legacies, and allegiances in order to make it back home—wherever that might be—and determine who he is to himself, who he is to others, and what kind of man he wants to become.

Praise for the All-American

Between Here and Oblivion: and other short stories

Four stories exploring a world both comic and tragic and a Korea rarely seen: a Kpop girl group on the brink of stardom and death, a North Korean soldier who wants the bravery of his legendary ancestor, true love after the catastrophe of a tsunami, and the life of a train track suicide cleaner who loses his dream job when the bodies all suddenly disappear. The stories in Between Here and Oblivion are fun, quirky, and bites.

These are some of my early works that represent where I started and are available when you sign up to stay in touch or at major ebook stores.