Korean Pop Culture

  Beautiful is not a word I would use to describe K-pop. It’s catchy. Its groups can writhe in sync, and now it is exported all around the world as respectable as any other commodity. But beauty isn’t something that beats in the heart of K-pop. If anything, what pumps inside K-pop is brute discipline, [...]

Beauty is one of those things that Disney said isn’t as important as what is in the inside. Well, that might be true, but Korean women (and many Korean men) know that if you’re unfortunately ugly, life isn’t all that fun. Before the MERS thing, it wasn’t weird to see people walking around with masks covering [...]

When I was young Coolio’s “Gangster’s Paradise ” was always on the radio. It was everywhere, it was catchy, and it gave you the impression that there was some deeper meaning in the lyrics, as if in those words a greater truth could be found. I was in the third grade when I thought that. Here, [...]

Goals of the Ambition: Write more/publish more. I’ve recently gotten four different stories accepted for publication. You can check out two of them Dreams Obstructed Faith in Men Working on a novel called “Bucky” about an adopted Korean kid raised in the mobile home parks of western Washington. It’s still at the stage where I [...]

Sometimes you come across a story that haunts you in such a way that you don’t even see gore. But you wake in the middle of the night disoriented and wondering, grasping at those last utterances fading from your mind, half afraid you’ll catch them. Pyun Hye-young’s “Bodies” does just that. Translated by Sora Kim-Russell, [...]

Yesterday morning, like most Sunday mornings, I lase around the living room with a coffee in one hand and a remote in the other. It usually takes two cycles through the channels before I’d accept defeat. But yesterday, I stalled on National Geographic, and became mesmerized. It wasn’t the wilds of the African savanna, or [...]