Let’s get Nosy: A Korean obsession

Beauty is one of those things that Disney said isn’t as important as what is in the inside. Well, that might be true, but Korean women (and many Korean men) know that if you’re unfortunately ugly, life isn’t all that fun. Before the MERS thing, it wasn’t weird to see people walking around with masks covering up their latest nose job. It’s common here. However, there might be a better way than, as one insightful blogger put it:

I don’t think I ever wanna do a nose job because it’s like slicing a apple into half and jabbing it multiple times except on my nose o.o

I recently learned about “Nose Secrets,” from a friend who is making good money selling these things in both Korea and China. Want to see what it is like?

Sure you do.

Terror. Absolute terror.

When my friend showed me one of them and then demonstrated it for me, I felt like I was watching something from Aliens.

“Sticking that up your nose?” I said.

“Yeah, it’s really popular. In China it’s booming. Boom, boom, money,” he said.

If your really ugly, and your nose is the problem, I guess this a small sacrifice you need to make. But what happens when your successful? By the bedside you fake a cold?

What happens if it gets lodged in there?

“You didn’t know about it? A lot of Koreans do it. Want a pair?’

I didn’t buy it.

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  • gordsellar Aug 18, 2015, 2:10 am

    Ha, Jihyun was telling me she saw these mentioned on a news program, which basically said, “Don’t wear these things. They’re dangerous!”

    (Apparently the fear is that if you get hit in the nose, “something bad” will happen. I dunno, but it amused me that your friend is distributing one of that endless stream of crazy beauty products that TV shows eventually decry and urge people against.)

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