words on the workbench

Sneak peaks, tirades, and examples of raw writing. Early drafts with run on sentences, and beginning ideas. But this is what I\’m working on.

Let me tell you, I spend a lot of time behind my computer these days writing. Lots of hours. I switch a lot between working in silence and working with tunes and right now I’m listening to some great tunes. In fact, because I’m involved with a radio show periodically, and getting the pleasure of [...]

So today is a Monday and for the last few weeks I haven’t really been able to focus on the novel like I want to. I scrap a few hours here and there, but one reason or another I manage to find ways to avoid working on it. And this is because the section that [...]

Right now I’m working on a novel and it’s fun and difficult and scary all at the same time. The experience is something else compared to writing a short story: because of it’s size it feels unwieldily. But I’m getting through it and I think it might be nice to share the experience with all [...]

Starting is hard. When you have a time you must start something, you look up at the clock and think, after I watch five more minutes of TV. I’ll get right on it after this email. Sure you’ll feel its bite like a bear trap, those moments when you’re disappointed as you look back on [...]