The Little Man Inside

For one fifteen year-old boy, it’s a normal birthday of skipping class and smoking his father’s cigarettes until he meets the most beautiful girl in school–Jennifer Payne. A girl who dreams big and wants excitement by committing small crimes and the fifteen year-old boy obliges. But what starts as petty crimes grows into something much [...]

Between Here and Oblivion

In four stories, Joe Milan Jr. guides us through a world both comic and tragic, while exploring a Korea rarely seen. He introduces us to a member of a Kpop girl group on the brink of stardom and death, and to a North Korean soldier who wants the bravery of his legendary ancestor. He chronicles the state of true love after the catastrophe of a tsunami and depicts the terror of a body clearing, train track cleaner who loses his dream job when the bodies all suddenly disappear. Richly felt and lingering long after the stories are told, Between Here and Oblivion introduces to an vibrant and resonant new voice.