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“Saltwater Cowboy”

An essay about my father. Published at Numero Cinq Magazine

“Ghost City: What it’s like living here.”

An essay about living in Seoul. Published at Numero Cinq Magazine


“Between Here and Oblivion”

Taegun Lee cleans suicides from the train tracks. It is a job he was born to do, his purpose. When bodies start to disappear on impact, taking his job with them, Taegun must find a way to prove it’s all just a hoax and get his job back.

Read it at LitroNY.

“Dreams Obstructed”

Just at the cusp of achieving Kpop Star fame, Tiffany, a member of 2Qtoo has a crippling pain in her stomach that might just cost her her dream and maybe even her life.

Read it in The Danforth Review #54


Sharing a name with famous ancestor is an honor. But for this North Korean Soldier watching the DMZ living as an Yi Sun-Shin might prove heroic act from suicide.

Read it in Transnational Literature Vol. 7 #1

“Faith in Man”

Sometimes a Tsunami can take everything from the buildings right down to the foundation of love.

Read at Banana Writers