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Here’s what Ecitcarp is all about.

“Ecitcarp” is “practice” spelled backwards and that’s what this blog is all about: an inquiry of what it really means to practice and improve. Mostly, that applies to my adventures in becoming a better writer and teacher, but I think it easily bridges the gap into better understanding other parts of life.

So what am I going to find here?

  • Great stories. Like this one.
  • Stuff about Korea. Like this.
  • My stories/books (and where they came from)
  • and all the other behind the scenes stuff that goes into becoming a better writer and writing. The practice.

What about Joe?

Joe has spent nearly a third of his life traveling and living outside the borders of the USA; his most recent landing is in Seoul where he’s taking a short break from teaching. He’s another one of those MFA guys, (Vermont College of Fine Arts). One thing he knows is that to get better at anything it takes practice, which he talks about on his blog along with other nonsense.

His work has appeared and is upcoming in a lot of really awesome places such as:

The Kyoto Journal, LitroNY, Transnational Literature, Numero Cinq Magazine, The Danforth Review, eFiction, Banana Writers and The Affair. Read them online, buy the book, or get the book free.

Right now he’s working on an awesome novel.

Be part of the crew and find out about before everyone else. Join his readers’ group here.

What about teaching?

Yeah, I’m taking a break from that to work on the awesome novel. But if you’re hoping to look back at some of the good times we had together in class, check out the old class website.

Who did all those awesome photos of you?

Taufik Bonaedy. Great guy, great eye. Check him out on Facebook.

To say hello or get in touch,

email me: